Discmania 2023 Creator Series Eagle McMahon Bottom Stamp Golden Horizon S-Line Cloud Breaker Distance Driver Golf Disc

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Your favorite distance driver is back to pierce the clouds yet again with the 2023 version of Eagle McMahon's famous Creator series mold, the Cloud Breaker

The Cloud Breaker is the tool you need to harness your ultimate potential and unleash maximum distance to your game. Players with more arm speed and power will be able to obtain a full anhyzer flight out of it, both with forehand and backhand throws. Those with a bit less power or are still developing their skills can still take advantage of the great amount of glide that this disc offers.

This is the second iteration of the Cloud Breaker produced in the Creator Series line. Available in the Horizon plastic first debuted with DD1, this eye catching plastic blend looks just as stunning in hand as it does in flight.

About Horizon plastic: Horizon plastic is an S-Line combo containing two strikingly different color variations. Our experts behind the machines have taken careful measures to make sure that each interior and exterior color way is perfectly matched and the artwork to go with it is the cherry on top.

"I've been absolutely loving this new Horizon Cloud Breaker! People with some arm speed are able to fully utilize this disc's great distance potential. With less power, this disc makes for an ideal overstable distance driver, especially when there's some headwind. This is going to be something that's really special in my bag for quite some time!"

Pro tip: Creator series discs are signified by informational text embossed on the bottom of the disc so you always know what you are holding, no matter what happens to the fancy stamp on top.

By purchasing this Creator Series release, you directly support Eagle McMahon on tour!

Manufacturer’s Flight Ratings:
Speed Glide Turn Fade
12 5 -1 3

Joe's Universal Flight Chart:
5.5 -1 +3.5 6
Weight Range:
Weight Range: 173-176g

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