MVP Fission Photon [Elaine King 5X] Distance Driver Golf Disc



MVP is proud to announce the first MVP Signature Series Disc, the 5x World Champion Elaine King Fission Photon! This is the newest stock run of Fission Photons, with weights ranging from 135g to 175g. Fission plastic pushes the bounds of GYRO Technology with grippy ultra lightweight cores and durable weighted rims. The Stock stamped disc now displays Elaine King's signature above the traditional information in an MVP classic matte black style. The Fission Photon has been in Elaine King's bag since joining Team MVP in 2018 as her go-to distance driver. The release of the Signature Series disc marks the beginning of a new era for Team MVP and we are proud to have Elaine King with us. A portion of each sale will benefit Elaine King and her touring efforts. The 5x Elaine King Fission Photons are ready to be your go-to stable distance driver this season.

"A signature disc is widely regarded as a recognition of the highest level of achievement in disc golf. It feels absolutely incredible to see my signature on the Fission Photon and have my long-time dream realized. This honor is even greater since my name is on the very first signature disc from MVP. The support and encouragement I have received from MVP staff, team and GYROnauts this past year has been overwhelming. I am proud and delighted to throw MVP plastic."
-Elaine King

The Photon is a stable-overstable high speed distance driver.

The Photon is best described as a longer Tesla, with power throwers able to achieve some flight extending turn, and all throwers getting a reliable fade. The Photon is naturally headwind resistant but average power throwers can use a headwind to emulate those extended flights of high power throwers.

Manufacturer's Flight Ratings:
Speed Glide Turn Fade
11 5 -1 2.5

Joe's Universal Flight Chart:
5 -0.5 +3 5
Weight Range:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Straight flyer

I carry this one in a medium lightweight, about 167 g. This discs holds the spot of a straight driver, related flat it'll hold long lines on turnover and have some fight left in it to come out.

New favorite driver

This disc goes and goes for me in fission plastic. Given all that turn and fade, it needs some space to work.

This disc can go a LONG ways

My fission Photon is 162g, and I have been really surprised how far this can go. It easy passes other 11 speed discs (neutron Wave, Trace, Boatman, Squid, Wraith) and has a really satisfying flight path. The fade at the end is not as big as the flight numbers might imply. I would absolutely purchase a replacement if lost.

Rick Romo
MVP Fission Photon [Elaine King 5X]

Being a fan of MVP products and throwing the Photon Fission as part of my bag, this disc flys as indicated in the flight numbers. It is a great disc for all skill levels. In the many clinics I do and working with beginner disc golfers, the Photon Fission disc has become a favorite. Thank you Gotta Go Gotta Throw for providing a great product for the disc golf community.

Brandon Jasperson
Stable Bomber

Great compliment to the fission wave. It has a good amount of stability without being too beefy. There’s a reason all the MVP pros throw this disc.